KILTER – Axiom

paraît le 28 février 2020/ release on Feb 28th 2020

kilter axiom coverA follow-up to their 2018 self-titled EP, Axiom features instrumental metal-jazz inspired by the unrelenting hustle and grind of New York City. Founder and bassist Laurent David (Alter-Nativ) teamed up with drummer Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant, John Zorn) and saxophonist Ed Rosenberg III (Jerseyband, Heart of Barf) to create a daring and spontaneous work of avant-garde metal.

The album features guests appearances from Andromeda Anarchia (Darkmatters) and Per Nilsson (Meshuggah) and was co-produced by Grammy Award winner Marc Urselli

Kenny Grohowski: Drums
Ed Rosenberg III: Saxophones
Laurent David: Electric Bass

kilter-laurent-david-axiomLaurent DAVID, bassist, is the founder of record label ALTER-NATIV, for which he produced and developed projects such as SHIJIN alongside Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Stephane Galland and Malcolm Braff;
NAKED (BASS SOLO) played on stage with guests like David Linx, Nguyen Le, Thomas De Pourquery; M&T@L alongside Maxime Zampieri and Thomas Puybasset; Nenad Gajin/Karim Ziad/Laurent David THE WAY THINGS GO including musicians such as A. Hoenig, T. Campbell, I. Maalouf, G. Perret, A. Paceo, C. Bonacina, T. Arpino, Z. Ravitz… and many other albums. He also toured with Ibrahim Maalouf (Golden Disc for « Illusion » and « 10 ans de Live »), Guillaume Perret & Electric Epic (Tzadik Label), Yael Naim (New Soul: ad. for Apple  company and several Golden Discs), EOL Trio (International tour), Didier Lockwood (Big Band), Jean Michel Kajdan (2 albums).

kilter-kenny-grohowski-axiomBrought up in a musical household in Miami, Kenny GROHOWSKI, drummer, has been performing since the age of 14. His rich musical background is demonstrated through the growing list of his collaborators and guest artists, including John Zorn, Andy Milne & Dapp Theory, Felix Pastorius & The Hipster Assassins, Shanir Blumenkranz, Trey Spruance & Secret Chiefs 3, Imperial Triumphant, Rez Abbasi & Junction, Jorge Sylvester’s A.C.E Collective, Jonathan Powell & Nu Sangha, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Bobby Sanabria, Lonnie Plaxico, Bill T. Jones, and Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, John Medeski…



kilter-ed-rosenberg-IIIEd ROSENBERG III is currently pursuing a PhD in Composition at Stony Brook University. Edward has performed as a axophonist/clarinetist/beat-boxer with a variety of jazz/rock/new-music groups including: Anti-Social Music, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Asphalt Orchestra, Fireworks Ensemble, Talking Band, Amy Lynn & The Gunshow, Euphonique Saxophone Quartet, Ensemble Signal, Liz Roche Dance Company, and the Bottleote Music Collective in Dublin. In 2013, Edward took up the hammered dulcimer and performed with the Metawee River Theater Company for their summer tour. Ed is a founding member of the instrumental prog-jazz-metal group, JERSEYBAND. The group has recorded 7 albums and played throughout the US and Europe. Edward also enjoys making grind-core music with Heart of Barf, and meditative dronebased prog-rock with Glue Gun Optimism and he makes children’s music with his sister in The Green Orbs.


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